Weekly Training Log [10/23-10/29]

The winter came this Thursday and with the freezing rain, I began my winter treadmill running. I do get outside a fair amount during the cold months, but any weather that I can slip on brings me to the treadmill. I actually don’t mind it so much because I watch the news and using the speed options can get me a great workout.

Here is my week of running:

Sunday: 19.3 (8:00 pace)

Monday: 10.3 (7:50 pace) and Durability Training

Tuesday: 90 minutes XT

Wednesday: 12 miles (speed)

Thursday: 10.0 (7:48 pace) and Durability Training

Friday: 8.5 (8:00 pace)

Saturday: 12.8 (8:05 pace)

I’m not sure if I mentioned this here, but at the Easy As Pie 5k a few weeks back, I pulled my hamstring. I had not done anything fast since then, so Wednesday’s speed workout was a test run.


I completed the plan (2x400m-4M tempo-2x400m) and did feel sore. However, after each run this week, the soreness subsided relatively faster each day. I take comfort in that the healing process is happening and soon I will be good as new…for the lighter training that the winter will bring.

This week is a bit of a taper for me and I am racing next Saturday. After such time, I have no plans to race but to maintain some level of fitness as move through the winter.

Oh and I made a new video!! Check it out and if you have any questions, comment!

The Peanut Principle: My Maine Squeeze

The Peanut Principle is a small company located in Albany, New York. They produce small batch artisanal nut butters ranging from the classic peanut to pumpkin seed and macadamia nut butter. They also sell crackers from Saratoga, jams from Vermont and Gatherer’s Gourmet granola on their easy to use and neat looking website!


I enjoy finding local companies who make a great product while keeping the staff small. The Peanut Principle is a 6 person operation, with a lot of experience to make up for few numbers. Shannon and Joe are the husband and wife team behind the delicious company and are joined by family members Jack, Ronald, Ken and Matt. All of the butters are made in small batches and certain flavors are used seasonally to assure freshness.

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My Maine Squeeze is definitely the most unique almond butter I’ve ever had. It is a blueberry, white chocolate almond butter sweetened with organic sugar.

Taste: Reminiscent of a blueberry muffin or scone with the mouth-feel of a nut butter.


Best Use: I loved putting it on plain oatmeal or just eating it by the spoonful. It was the perfect sweet treat to have after dinner or before hitting bed for the night.


Awesome bonus: You can order the 16oz or 4oz jar! I love this option because sometimes I want to have enough of a flavor for a few servings, but not so much that I find myself putting it on everything and getting tired of the flavor. The 4oz jar is perfect for this!

I am definitely keeping this in my nut butter rotation!

I highly recommend this almond butter! If you want to order yours (and of course you do!) go to this link here and get yourself some today! 

I Started A YouTube Channel

It’s been on my mind for a while to engage more with the people I listen to and watch in the vegan community. I love the YouTube platform and think it’s a great way to convey a more personal message to readers and friends.


I made my first video yesterday and it’s pretty raw, but I just had to take the plunge. I was inspired and encouraged by the guys at Thought For Food (@tfflifestyle) to JUST START and not be perfect. It was a hard concept to grasp, but honestly, I can only get better from here 😉

Let me know what you want me to talk about!

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3 Ways To Restore Racing Confidence

It’s no secret I’ve struggled with confidence this past month. Running is the love of my life, but sometimes it doesn’t treat me so great. It builds me up one day and tears me down the next.


I’ll be honest, it’s all mental.

I know it’s all in my head and that’s why I haven’t had a great training season. I still work hard, but if my head isn’t in it the majority of the time, I won’t perform. From bonking to my sore foot to getting misdirected on a half marathon course, I just lost any mojo I had.

Ragnar was amazing because of the people, but lackluster in terms of my performance. I know what I can do and I know what type of runner I am. I was frustrated that I couldn’t help my team out as much as I usually do. I spent the hours before my legs in the internal struggle of emotion; wanting to run, but afraid. Not wanting to run, but knowing I had a job to do. Talk about exhausting!

On Saturday I have my last race of the season, after which I will take a step back, and fully learn to enjoy my sport again. I’ve already started doing so, taking the pressure off myself, running with people and just being in the moment, but I do have one race left.

Instead of getting upset or fearful again before this one, I have decided to be proactive and start to enjoy the process of racing well in advance. I usually go into races blind and hope for the best. Usually this works, but I am not taking any chances this weekend. I will be ready for whatever happens.

The following are the three ways I am making this race enjoyable and stress-free. When I don’t feel stressed and am excited to get out there and run, I feel more confident in my ability to finish races. I empower you to use these tips the next time you feel under-prepared or are scared to attempt a new challenge. They won’t make it easy, but you might as well enjoy the hard work and finish with a smile.

1.) Visualization

I’ve actually never done this before, but I have analyzed the course map, took note of the aid stations and looked at the weather. Normally, I don’t do this and just accept what is. I have done this because I don’t want to stress about the race or over think it. However, in ultrarunning, there is a certain need to be overly cautious. I need to know what I am in for and how it will most likely feel at each point in the race.

How I approach visualization is imagining myself crossing the finish line. I think about how that will feel and then my worries go away. I think about what I will do and what I will tell myself when things get sore and tough. I’m sure there is a science to this or a specific way to do it, but this has been working for me. Instead of not knowing what will be out there, I am excited to face it and see what happens!

2.) Accept Fitness Level

I am not at my fittest and that is ok. Part of being a runner is accepting where you are at and racing appropriately. I am not fast right now. I have not done any speed work nor do I feel like my body is handling aerobic workouts very well at this point. This is why I chose to end my season with this race rather than a half marathon or a 10K. That would be silly both mentally and physically for me. I appreciate what my body can do and is trained for at this point. I picked a race that will hopefully get the best out of what I can do now.

3.) Eat Well

I try to eat smart during the taper week. I don’t try anything new. I stick with what I know both tastes good and gives me good energy. I try to balance things out appropriately, however, I refuse to stress over it. It’s not worth it. I am not running this race to win, I am doing it for the experience and the camaraderie I see in ultrarunning. By eating my tried and true tested foods, I feel confident that I am setting myself up for digestive success on race day.

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I feel so much more confident this week and both excited and relaxed about this race. That’s all I can ask for to end my season.

Off The Cob Corn Chips

Beginning at a small farm in Ithaca, NY in 1960, Off The Cob Chips have become a staple in my diet. Picked at the peak of freshness and then ground into chips, sweet corn provides a distinct “corn-on-the-cob” flavor that has taken not only my city, but the whole Northeast by storm.


Off The Cob Sweet Corn Tortilla Chips in the brainchild of Cameron Sheldrake who began the company at the age of 22. Starting in 20 Whole Foods in the New England area, he led his company to the popular show, Shark Tank, and business has been booming ever since!


I don’t know if Cameron remembers, but I first met him at my job, Collegetown Bagels a few years ago, when I told him about my favorite chips. At the time, I only had seen Off The Cob at my local co-op, and had not tried them. He told me about the small company he started, and being a lover of sweet corn, I bought my first bag.

I will not ever go back to any other brand.

The flavor reminds me so much of the fresh ears of corn I used to eat as a kid. My dad grew sweet corn, so I know what is fresh and what needs extra butter just to taste good. These chips need NOTHING for my to eat the whole bag…

…which I did after my last race 🙂


When Molly, Cameron’s partner, reached out to me, I would have written this post without needed to be sent any chips (which they so kindly did anyway). The chips are sold in various sizing, but let’s be real, I only buy the biggest bag and are available in almost 300 stores nationwide.

You can also order here on their shop page.

1 oz

I usually eat them plain, but also love dipping them in salsa, cheese or refried beans. The sweet chips and salty dip pair together like nothing else.


These chips are vegan and gluten-free, sweetened by the corn and evaporated cane juice.

I think you all should head out the door right now and go buy some!

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What are your favorite chips?

Cheese, guacamole or salsa?