Running Links [09/04/2016]

Hey all! Good morning and HAPPY SUNDAY/LABOR DAY WEEKEND!

I am off work today, so I planned a long run (hopefully) and some hardcore relaxing. I’ve been slowly coming back to running this week and it’s just about as hard as I remember. You know, when I’m off running, I dream of getting back out there. I choose to remember only the good runs, beautiful views and friends I run with.

When I get back to it, usually it’s actually not as bright as I remembered. This week my runs were HARD. Seriously. Even running “easy” took effort and my legs needed to remember what it felt like to use those muscles. No, it wasn’t like running for the first time or trying something completely new, but after the weeks off, I had to encourage my legs to get going.

I finally started feeling like myself yesterday after a “speed” workout (the easiest one I do) and am ready for a longer run tomorrow.

I’m totally packing snacks, water and podcasts for a long sloooooooooooooow run. Hold me to that guys!

Other exciting things this week happened on Instagram and Pinterest. Follow me over there to see some FOOD and “Ellie practicing editing photos”

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I published two blog posts:

Identify A Priority and Stick To It

Salted Caramel Pretzel Bars


I began to use the plugin Matcha for my recipe posts. Now begins the process of going back and editing all my old recipes. Fun fun 🙂

Running Links

The links this week are as always, fun and easy reads for your running pleasure. Feel free to retweet the authors and show them some love!

Have a great day!

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So You’re Injured, Now What? via Fueled by LOLZ

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Identify A Priority and Stick To It

When other runners ask me how they can increase their fitness I tell them these three things:

1.) Increase distance

2.) Increase speed

3.) DO NOT do both!

In my own personal life, I have fallen into the trap of doing too much too soon.

I want to be able to run 10 miles AND run a sub 6 minute mile.

I want to run a marathon and race a fast 5K.

Then I get injured and ask myself why.

I have a problem straightening out my priorities.

Identify your priorities, and stick with them!

Just this morning I decided to do a leg workout instead of a run and now my quads are so sore, I might have to take off tomorrow from running or run less because I went hard on the lifting.

Recently, outside of my running and fitness life, I have been struggling with determining what to focus my time and energy on. My life is a bit full at the moment. Here is a snapshot of what is on my plate:

8 hour job at CTB

Part time job at Blissful Eats

Part time school

Running schedule

Food/recipe creation and photography

Writing blog posts

Marketing my personal brand

Commenting on and connecting with other bloggers

Now, I’m not bragging. My goal with all the hustle now is so in a few years I can have my weekends off and work less in a more fulfilling career.

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But right now, I’m trying to hustle. I want to create quality content for my readers and future clients.

Also notice the lack of social life (however I do see a lot of people at my job)

Because I do all these things, the time I have to devote to my blog needs to be prioritized and focused. This is the problem I am having because I want to do all the things. In my free time I read about how to maximize my blog, see what others are doing and ask questions. There is just so much to do and it’s all fun!

I want to figure out what to focus on right now that will maximize my time. What should I do in the few hours I have each day to devote to my blog?

I was encouraged by Nicole Culver, my boss and owner of Blissful Eats to determine what skills I have to offer and refine those for my audience.

Right now I am in school working on learning the content I will be providing to readers and clients. That is part of building my brand even if I can’t see those results yet.

I need to hold off on food photography school for now. I can work on that after I start making an income with health coaching.

I need to keep exploring my running and veganism because that is who I am. That is how I get experiences to share and how I relate to you guys. I am good at taking my experiences and applying them to other areas of life.

Today I challenge you to prioritize your life.

What should you focus on today to maximize your potential?

What do you think my niche is? What is your niche?