A Day In My Life [WIAW July 5, 2016]

I mentioned earlier this week that I have a new work schedule that is more normal hours. Instead of working 12-8 or 1-9 I have been given the hours of 9-5 or 10-6. My boss just likes me there for the majority of the busy hours.

I am not complaining because closing is slower, but also I get more exhausted if that makes sense. I also come home later and try to sleep in but wake up at the same time anyway. Oh well, my schedule is different now.

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5:45AM: wake up, put on shoes, head out the door for a run

7:30AM: make and eat breakfast, read blogs, answer emails


[waffles with blueberry syrup and coconut butter, side of apples]

9:00AM: start work

11:30AM: I usually get sent on break somewhere between 11 and 1 so this is when I eat lunch


[Black bean salad, avocado, tofu khan and tomatoes]

5:00PM: finish work

5:15PM: running related recovery work or bike, watch Lost, blog

7:00PM: eat dinner, read news, check social media, respond to comments


[Chocolate almond and gingersnap cookie banana ice cream, bowl of greens, banana chips]

9:00-9:30: go to bed

That’s a day in my life!

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What is your favorite waffle topping?

What TV shows do you watch?

Good Things Take Time

This morning, I watched Galen Rupps post-race interview at the Olympic Track and Field trials. In case you missed it, Rupp will be running both the marathon and the 10k in Rio this July. To say he is an incredible feat of human speed and power is an understatement. Regardless of how you feel about Alberto Salazar, his athlete Galen is making history.

I’m not going to get into the doping accusations, because that was not what I saw when I watched the race.

I saw Rupp take what he wanted. I saw the accumulation of his hard work and the finish he deserved.

In his post-race interview, he discussed many things including his training and the mindset before the build up. Like me (and all of us) he said he sometimes overworked himself and needed to be reigned back in to avoid injury. He needed to see the long game plan for his training. Rupp spoke about how years ago he remembered Salazar talking about this day, predicting the future Galen had. Salazar told Galen back then that his accomplishments would come with time. He would have to be patient. Galen had no idea back then what he would accomplish.

That resonated with me because I am at the beginning of my long game. I am a relatively new competitor. I don’t have a huge training base. I am starting my journey toward the runner I want to be. This will most likely be a 5-10 year journey as most runners hit their peak in their early 30s.

That thought scared me. When one of my running mentors, Ian suggested this long term plan, I was afraid. I wanted results quicker than that. Training for 6 months for something like a faster PR was doable, but years?

I quickly imagined all the tired legs, workouts and stress. I wasn’t in the headspace to be excited. I just saw all the work I wasn’t ready for.

This is the wrong way to look at a long term plan. What Rupp reminded me is that long term plans do work out and it is worth waiting for. Additionally, I won’t be seriously training that whole time. My year is full of periodization where I train for a race, rest, build a base and then train again. I am currently in the base building phase.

I think my bad week of runs was due to some of this mental stress. I didn’t think rationally about the year. I saw the five year plan as a long build up to one race, not as a split structured time as it actually is. I won’t always be training for one race. I will be doing different races, each with their own rest, base build and then speed sections. It’s manageable to see it this way.

In summary, instead of looking at a single race goal for a few years of training, try seeing it this way:

Each year is split into periods of rest, base and build and specific race training.

Each race is important and fun, coming with its own challenges.

You will not be in training mode for the next five years.

You’re young and have time to enjoy the running and get fast.

Trust the process, follow the plan, the ending result will be sweeter.

I don’t want to burn out early like many other athletes who have competed in high school and college. Taking advice from Galen (and even Salazar), I think I can wait a few years, get more experiences and see what my body can do.

Don’t quit. Good things take time.

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What is something you had to wait years for (college, dream job, squat PR) but was worth it in the end?

A Change In Scenery

You know those times you get stuck in a rut? The same thing everyday. Comfortable, easy, routine days pass by and you don’t notice, both the good and the bad. That was how I felt last week. I had been doing the same types of things day in and day out with little change.

It all built up and I was just tired. Tired of my days, physically tired during running, mentally tired of making plans and emotionally tired at my job. I needed a change.

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So on Monday, I left Ithaca after a soul cleansing run. It was emotional, sucked mentally, and ended in a downpour. It was just what I needed. After that run I went to Syracuse. I just needed to get out of Ithaca, out of my routine and live a bit.

I didn’t break any barriers or go crazy, I simply changed a few habits. I had no routine. I ate different food. I saw new things. I decided to do Ragnar ADK again this year after seeing the team captain Joel at Strong Hearts. This is my yearly vacation, which I planned not to do because of my “serious racing schedule” and financial constraints. Seeing him helped me realize I needed something else to look forward to. I need something on the calendar that fills me up.


[And a great burrito is a BONUS!]

Something that gives me joy.

Something that breaks me out of my comfort zone.

Something that surrounds me with people I love.

After that day, I started to come out of the tired, sad state I had been in. All it took was a good meal out, a new city for a day and remembering that I have a team of people who love me, even if I can’t be around all the time.

So on Saturday, I went to Strong Hearts again. Again, it filled my soul.

Today I am linking up with Meg for Week In Review.

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Other things on my radar:

Hill Training

I haven’t done this yet, but I want to give it a go at least once. I was planning to do it on Friday, but during my warm-up I ran across my friend Bailey (the short girl from the picture) and decided I would rather run with her. I probably won’t get to it this week either because I want to race next weekend.



I finished a TV show last week called The 100, and was on the search for something new this week. I tried out The Walking Dead, but honestly it was too slow for me. I got bored 3 episodes in. I started Lost yesterday and am hooked. It’s nice to watch while I bike or relax.

Nike Plus


This app is great for helping me in my home gym. I call it a home gym but it’s actually a corner. Whatever, it works for me and the exercises are great for core, balance and strength. I’m not trying to build muscle, but prevent injury.

New Job Hours

I started working earlier shifts this week which I love! After a few solid months of 12-8 or 1-9 closing shifts, this 9-5 stuff is a nice change. I can run early and then still have some time after work. It’s a pain to get to the bank and the post office though.

Have you done any hill training? Nike plus?

What is your favorite way to get a change in scenery?

Running Links [07/03/2016]

Good morning all and Happy July 3rd!

I want to take a moment right now and appreciate all the people I’ve met through blogging and running. You are all so influential in my life. Emily sent me a care package when I needed it the most. Tina emailed me this week and knocked some sense into my running. Cora helped me consider the small things that help me de-stress. My coworker Maddy has been my sport psychologist for the past month and just having her there to vent and process my emotions has been fantastic.

I feel like I’m coming back to my old self. Running has gotten easier (both pace and feeling), I am happier and ready for whatever comes my way. I want to thank you all!

Running Links

This weeks links are informative, inspirational and just fun to read. I hope you enjoy them all and have a great holiday!
Chasing Perfection via Belle Lap

Riding The Struggle Bus via Tina Muir

Athletes: Fit but Unhealthy? via Phil Maffetone

Salvage A Rough Race via RW Advanced

The Advanced Women Of Ultrarunning via Salty Running

The Ultimate Guide For Beginning Runners via Hungry Runner

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Making The Paper: Top 3 [07/01/2016]

I finally feel like myself with running again. This morning I went for one of my usual loops and it felt like I remembered. It wasn’t easy or painless, but I was in my element. Thank you to everyone who sent positive vibes and prayers. Once again God has answered!

This morning I am linking up with Kate and Mar to bring in the weekend.

Top 3 Highs


1.) Seeing myself, Julie and Bailey in our local paper for our marathons (check out the link here!)! We were interviewed and got our picture taken together last week. I think we look pretty good don’t you?


[We sell these chips at work <3]

2.) Getting in the groove with my new time slot at work. I have been gifted with the 9-5 or 10-6 shift at work this past week and it is a nice change. Closing the store for the past few months has been ok and I continue to feel blessed at my job, but this shift is great!


3.) I was sent a package from Emily of granola and Clif bars, both of which are my favorite snacks. I feel like I have made a wonderful friend through blogging. She is so wise and scripturally intelligent. Reading her blog is like doing a devotional. Check out her page and send the love her way!

Top 3 Lows

1.) I still need to pay my cell phone bill and send a few letters to colleges requesting my transcripts. It’s a simple thing, but oh such a pain!

2.) I’ve been watching other friends and bloggers get married this past week and it makes me both happy for them but sad at my single state. I know I don’t open myself up for a relationship too often so this is my fault, but once in a while I wish God would just drop a guy who is perfect for me in my lap.

3.) I just stepped on Sterling’s tail. Now he’s mad at me.

Top 3 Eats


1.) Red beans, rice and avocado


2.) Sweet potatoes with Bliss Nut Butterssunflower butter and Philosophy coconut butter


3.) Cajun Seitan Wrap from Strong Hearts Cafe

Top 3 Instagrams



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What hours do you typically work?

Have you ever put nut butter on a potato?