5ks, Kinvaras and Lost Season 1

Good morning and Happy Monday! I am currently writing this while watching season 2 of Lost. Needless to say, I’m on the bandwagon. After a long weekend at work, I’m ready deload my brain and link up with Meg for Week In Review.

I finished the first season of Lost


My first impression of this show was positive. I like adventure, survival and mystical themes in shows. I loved 24 and the 100, so I had high hopes for this show even if people say the ending is weird. Well, it locked me in. I will keep watching. I enjoy the stories behind the characters. Coming from a Disney Channel show background growing up, I enjoy when characters are neither totally good, nor totally bad. I like complex sub-plots (which is kind of lacking right now but I have faith) and random friendships you wouldn’t expect. My favorite character is probably Sawyer. Something about him just gives me all the feels. Let me know if you watch, we can discuss!

Solving my shoe dilemmas


I bought another pair of Saucony Kinvara 6s online a few weeks ago. These are the same shoes I wore for my marathon. However, the second time I wore them, it downpoured and they got soaked. I dried them out, but now they fit weird and rub me the wrong way. I wear them once in a while, and did this morning, but still, they feel weird now. I am still loving my Saucony fastwitch for speed workouts and my Skoras. After I got the glass out of that shoe, they have worked really well. I like the feeling of minimal shoes and the strength I am getting from them, but I want to get a pair of Skora Tempos for long runs and see how they do. I did a 15 miler in my Skora Phases and was fine. Hopefully this means my feet and calves are able to handle them more full time. We’ll see.

My First (real) 5k is this Friday


Oh man, am I really racing a 5K? With competitors not in Ithaca? AT NIGHT?!?!

Why yes, yes I am. And I am scared sh*tless. I will have to enter the pain cave for a really long time and I don’t know if I’ve ever done it like this before. This will be a great learning experience no matter what…but still OUCH!

I’m going to try to remember to do this every Monday, so bear with me. I listen to billions of podcasts, many I’ve talked about on Eat Run Pavement. Each week I want to give you one to listen to.

Podcast Recommendation Of The Week:


Blissful Bites with Brittany From Eating Bird Food
I’ve been enjoying listening to all the past episodes and learning from Nicole through her interviews. Who doesn’t love hearing from female entrepreneurs who are making it in the food world? Inspiring, creative and fun. Give it a listen!

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What was the highlight of your week?

Have you ever had Blissful Eats granola?

Running Links [07/24/2016]

Good morning everyone! As I look over the links I’ve read this past week, I notice how cynical I feel when reading about the Olympics. Whether it’s doping or Rule 40, my excitement is waning. Does anyone else feel this way?

In other news, I recieved my financial aid award for school, and am still a bit short. I wonder how I will make up the difference here. Hopefully talking to my counselor on Monday will give me some insight into how to proceed. More loans? Sell my body on the streets? Maybe I just need to win a few more races haha. If anyone has any advice for me, let it be heard!

Running Links

Enjoy the links and have a happy Sunday!

The Caster Semenya Debate via The Science Of Sport

Rule 40 Is Ridiculously Restrictive On Athletes Sponsors via The Seattle Times

Forget Your Stress When Running via Runners World

5 Common Strength Training Myths For Distance Runners via Runners Connect

On Retiring From Professional Racing via Ask Lauren Fleshman

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Running Kilts and Steel Cut Oats [Top 3]

Happy Hump Day to all the weekend warriors like myself! My days off this week were Monday and Tuesday, meaning another weekend working, running and eating. Today I’m linking up with KateMar and Heather to kick off the weekend.

Top 3 Running Moments


1.) I had a Breakthrough Run on Tuesday that left me feeling great. 18.55 total miles with the last 3 at tempo pace. This was mentally challenging, but made easier running with a friend. I’m not in too great of shape, but I’m getting there.

2.) I ran with a guy in a kilt on Wednesday. Apparently he and my running best friend Lesley have this ongoing battle because they finish near each other in races. She invited him to our Wednesday run, kilt in all. He writes a blog, so check him out: Crushing Pavement


3.) Two back-to-back long runs on Monday and Tuesday (my days off) actually refreshed my running life. I wasn’t a zombie for the rest of the day. Hopefully this means my fitness is returning.

Top 3 Lows

1.) Watching the RNC is very educating, but makes me sad to think there are actually people who think banning certain races from our country will be more effective in keeping people safe over imposing stricter gun regulations. That is insane to me, and it’s sad.

2.) My nightmares last night were insane. Family drama, running injuries and dying animals all in one dream. I also had to pee about 20 times during the night. I didn’t even drink any coffee yesterday afternoon. Bad luck.

3.) I definitely need to sweep our floors. It’s bad because I refuse to walk around barefoot due to the cat food on the floor. Silly cats trying to play with their food. Hopefully this gets done today before I leave for work.

Top 3 Eats


1.) You knew this was coming.


2.) Ketchup on everything, yes that is a zucchini.


3.) my first time trying steel cut oats, topped with chocolate peanut butter.

Top 3 Instagrams




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Have you ever run in a skirt?

Who is your favorite Instagram to follow?

Breakthrough Runs

There are certain points during a training cycle when I remember what it feels like to be fast. To be honest, I used to think that getting a fast time would put me into this elite level mindset where everything felt easy. I thought there was a threshold where, if you passed it, you never got to the point of being “unfit” again.

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This is a public service announcement: That level does not exist. Elites, sub-elites, middle-of-the-packers, back-of-the-packers and couch potatoes all retain the capacity to lose fitness.

One does not simply run a sub-3 marathon and then stay at that ability forever more. I wish that were true, but it isn’t.

It’s not that I believed I was still at my marathon fitness. I knew I wasn’t and that was (and is) my problem. I expect things to be really hard and I expect myself to be slow. Sometimes, like last week when I tried a tempo but stopped in the middle, my unfitness was solidified in my mind. I had lost my fitness. It wasn’t a matter of being sore and tired that day (which I was) or being fine with taking a break (which I also was). My mind switched from fit marathoner to back to square one.

On Tuesday, a friend asked to do a fast finish tempo run with me. Considering my plan was to do 800 meter repeats on the track, I gladly accepted and decided to make it a fast finish long run with the last 15 minutes at 6:25 pace. The first hour or so of my run went great, but I held onto the fact that I didn’t believe I could run 6:25 minute miles at the end. I was adamant that I would probably just let him go and finish the run myself.

However, once the time came, I tried to stay with him. You know what? I totally did! We sped up and I just matched his pace. It wasn’t out-of-breath exhausting but my legs were feeling the previous miles. It wasn’t horrible and I felt that spark of speed. Admittedly, 6:25 pace isn’t what I ultimately want, but it’s getting closer. At the end of the tempo, I thought to myself, “Oh hey, I can do this. I remember how I ran a marathon.”

breakthrough runs

This was a breakthrough run for me mentally, possibly physically too, but the game is in the mind.

I start training for my next race pretty soon (still waiting on a plan update) and before this run, I was pretty nervous. Sure, I could run double digit miles most days, but fast miles? I could run 400m faster, but 13.1 miles worth of them? Doubted it.

Now, I believe.

Breakthrough runs happen during every training cycle (barring injury or not following your plan).

Breakthrough runs help me see the bigger picture.

Breakthrough runs remind me of what I have accomplished.

Breakthrough runs push me forward in training when I feel like I’ve plateaued.

Breakthrough runs make me believe.

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Tell me a story about a mental breakthrough. It can be fitness, life, job, anything!

Who is excited for Rio?!

WIAW: Running to SCONES!

We all have runs where we think about breakfast. Well, at least us morning runners. Actually, since breakfast is my most creative meal of the day, the last mile of easy runs is usually devoted to what to make for breakfast.

I was talking to my friend the other morning and he likes to use his culinary creativity at dinner time. I on the other hand, so do at breakfast. The last meal of my day is usually something easy, banana ice cream or and sandwich. Breakfast is where my runger leads me to experiment.

Because I knew I had these scones waiting for me to eat at home, I was extra excited for breakfast yesterday.


If you haven’t seen them yet, check out my German Chocolate Scones, you’ll see why I was excited!

This morning I am happy to link up with Jen, Arman and Laura for WIAW.



German Chocolate Scones with almond butter and salted caramel peanut butter on half. Unpictured side of apples and strawberries.



Chia seed pudding using the last of my peanut butter from Emily. Cauliflower on the side dipped in ketchup.



Banana ice cream with some fixings, bowl of greens and banana chips

What meal gets your culinary juices flowing?

Who else is on #TeamKetchup?