Running Links [07/31/2016]

Good morning everyone!

To say I am refreshed is an understatement. I had the past two days off and don’t have to work until noon today (HAPPY DANCE!). I needed the few days to both relax a bit and also catch up on school work. I am proud to say after starting the program three weeks late, I finished module 1 last night and only need to finish module 2 today to get completely caught up.

I think this program will change my life. I’ve already started cooking more and just, thinking more I suppose. Too often I get sucked into life and not in a Henry David Thoreau way. More of a go-through-the-motions-because-all-I-want-to-do-is-run way. I am present for life, but it’s not hard. I don’t use my brain as much as I should. This past week reminded me of how much energy it takes! On Saturday afternoon, I made the conscious decision to read click-bait junk and magazines because my brain needed a break.

I haven’t taken a brain break since college! I quite enjoyed it!

What I most enjoyed about module 1 was the piece about setting intentions for what I want this certification to bring to me. I took time to actually dream away and organize (haha) what I would ideally love to be doing. It was glorious and gave me some focus. I am so happy God opened this door for me.

Running Links

This week’s links are great reads! I’m thinking about adding nutrition/health related articles to next week if I come across anything I think is interesting. Is that something you would like to see? I actually use these links in my own training, so I assume that if I want to remember something for school, putting it here would help. I guess you’ll see what I decide next week.

Enjoy the reads and have a great Sunday!

Why Add Speed Training To Marathon Training? via Tina Muir

Dear Lauren Fleshman via Salty Running

0.03 Seconds via Amanda Eccleston Runs

Sanjuanita Martinez, Cornell Running Star, Protests on the Track via Salty Running

What To Do After A Morning Long Run via Skora Running

Balancing Expectations and Progress via Going Big or Going Home

Barney Butter, Vegan Sandwiches, and I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOU!

This week has been rough work wise. Today is my first day off since last Tuesday and this past weekend was really hard on my coworkers and I. That being said, God has filled me with so much joy, I’m full and bursting with excitement about today and the future.

Let’s be honest, we all blog for ourselves first, but sometimes we want to feel like our content is helping others. Heck, I want my content to help myself. Writing helps me remember what is important in my own life. I go through periods where I question what I’m doing. After all, I’m not certified (yet….read on!) to give out any advice. I only know my own experience and try to write knowledgeably about that. This week though, I got a tiny bit of positive feedback that reminded me why I write.

I don’t want to write any lows this week or top foods (head to Kate’s blog for that) because my life this past week is full outside of those. Sure, I had loss, but to be honest, the highs outweighed those and I want to remember that so much more. My blog is a journey, my own story. This week was so tough physically and mentally at my job, so God (sweet Jesus I just wrote Gid…) blessed me in other ways. I want to share them with you.

Highlights Of My Week:

[EDIT: I have to share this video of my Strong Hearts Vegan Power team at Ragnar Cape Cod by The Vegan Zombie!]

1.) I am a Barney Butter Ambassador!


Along with a few other bloggers, In It 4 The Long Run, Emilie Eats, The Blissful Balance and others, we have been honored to represent the amazing Almond Butter Company that is Barney Butter! I will do a full post about this next week, but I am SO EXCITED!

2.) Getting emails from readers!

I got the kindest email from a young woman who lives near me in Syracuse, NY. She wrote some very beautiful things that just filled my soul and made me glow. I love hearing that! It makes me feel like the content I share makes a difference. Since she’s so close, we are making plans to meet up. I do first and foremost blog for me, and making a new friend is the ultimate win if I ever had one

3.) Selling vegan sandwiches!


I recently was able to convince one of our regular customers to get my favorite vegan sandwich from CTB. He knows I am vegan and we have a great relationship, but he always got a turkey sandwich. Finally, on Wednesday I suggested he get a different sandwich. He did and now it is his new favorite! He has gotten it twice since then (in two days!!!). It’s really cool to see my small vegan activism work!

4.) Guest posting on Emily’s blog!


A few months ago, Emily asked if I would write a guest post for her blog. I wrote about my struggles with caring too much about what other people think and how overcoming that helped me love myself and pursue my dreams. Take a read HERE!

5.) Start school work again!

This is what I’ve been waiting for. All the times I didn’t eat out to save money, shopping at discount stores, wearing clothes till they’re rags, working as much as possible. I can finally afford to attend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a certified health coach. I’m not sure if I want to start a health coaching business, but I a, sure I want to do something in that area. Whether it’s working with wellness companies or other blogs, I can do what I enjoy and maybe even make a difference. It’s been a long few years of saving, but if this is what gets me to my dreams, it’s been worth it!

6.) My Best Friend Stood Up For Herself

We all have people in our lives who just “get us”. This girl I am talking about is one of those people for me. We know everything about each other, yet live far apart. She has been struggling this past week with a few familial issues, and she made a step in the direction toward freedom. I am jealous of some of the relationship she has with her family. Her mom supports her and they are helping her pay for school. Yet, also they have been a crutch for her growth and stop her from living her own life.  This is just what I notice from what she tells me. I am trying to get her to guest post…hint hint 😉 Well, this week she stood up for something she believed in. She decided to put her self worth over the guilty feelings that come with not participating in a toxic family member’s desires. This was HuGe you guys because she (like us all) is a people pleaser. It’s hard for her not to do that. I am brimming with joy and very proud that she was able to prioritized self care over her sisters demands. Praise God for answered prayer!

7.) CTB Has A New High School Runner!

We call the young kids who work for us “runners”. We got a new one a few weeks ago and he is the cutest young boy I’ve met in a while! His mannerisms are adorable and he already feels comfortable with us. I look forward to the days he works because not only do I have less work to do, but he is great!

8.) Running with friends!

running group

Alright, enough about me, tell me about YOU!

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What is the best thing that happened to you this week? It can be work, food, fitness, family, relationships, to-do list, anything! 

Brag about yourself! I want to hear it and I’ll feature all the responses next week in a post!

A New Training Cycle is Like A New House

A new training cycle is kind of like moving to a new house.

build a house

You are prepared with the paperwork, the bills have been paid, you’ve signed on the dotted line and the home is yours.

Next comes the hard, but rewarding part: making the house a home.

Building a base in training is like saving for a house. You put in the tedious work, the long hours, the slow training because you see the bigger picture. You know that time will come to build on that foundation.

Once you move in to your new house, you can start to make the house a home. You decorate, fix things, move stuff around.

In training, this is when you start doing workouts, sign up for that race, find the right time of day to run, the right cross training. You may choose to do some strength training, get on the track, find a trail. Just like a home is designed to reflect its owner, your training plan and activities should reflect who you are as a runner.

For me, I don’t like doing too many trails when I’m training for a road race. Here and there is fine, but also increases the likelihood I’ll get injured.

I like to do core, a little bit everyday, body weight movements and stability drills.

I used to do speed workouts on a treadmill, but now do them on a track.

Others use hill training to get speed, trail work for stability and treadmills for pacing.

Each training plan should be custom to your unique needs.

Another example is my job. I work certain hours which change weekly. That means when I look at my schedule I save hard or longer runs for days off or later work days. I know how it feels to race and then have to work a shift. Recovery will still happen, but it takes longer.

Tying this back to your house, each home will have different appliances, a different lighting style, different rooms all custom to who lives there.

Think about staying over at a friends house (or for me, if I were to stay at my parents). You don’t mind for a day or so, but after a while, your routine is mixed up, there are more things in your way, living is more difficult. Starting a training cycle can be that way if you’re trying to fit a plan, rather than let your plan fit you.

If you hate speedwork, don’t do it, but adjust the expectations for your event. If you love a marbled staircase in your house but chose to live in a one story building, either move or adjust your expectations.

This post went into a bit of everything, but with fall races around the corner, make sure the coach/plan/race is right for you. Make sure you have fun, train hard and finish.

That’s what it’s all about.

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What is an essential thing in your house?

Do you have a one story or two story house?

How I Pick What To Eat [WIAW]

I’m sure a book could be written on the psychology of picking what to eat, but I want to discuss my own thought process when it comes to meal choice.

1.) Is it going bad soon?

Number one for sure! I hate food waste so although I want to get more creative in the kitchen, I choose whatever is going bad first. In the Spring, that was bananas. I had bananas in some form everyday for breakfast and also sometimes for dinner. It was delicious and I didn’t get tired of it. Now, I freeze my bananas for ice cream dinners and have other things for breakfast. I had sweet potatoes for a while because I got a big bag of them, forgot about them and then needed to eat them in two days. It happens.

2.) How did I feel after eating that the last time?

This is a big one for training actually because if I have a second session, I don’t want to feel awful. I also want my food to help me recovery the fastest, because I have a job that is on my feet. Until you experience the running “brick” in your stomach, this won’t make sense. I am lucky that I can handle all foods, but I know that running 80-90 miles a week requires a lot of calories. Fat calories and lower glycemic carbs generally fit the bill.

3.) Will it taste good?

Ironically this is third on the list, but I bet for most people you’d think it would be first. I love breakfast, so usually each thing I eat tastes good and gives me the same level of enjoyment. Sure, some days when my run is super sweaty, I’d rather have yogurt or nice cream instead of waffles, but when all is said and done, if I didn’t have yogurt and had to have something else, it’s not the end of the day.

4.) If I see it, I want it.

Sometimes one of my coworkers is eating something and it looks delicious, so I make it. Eye see food, food gets eaten.

5.) Is it fast and convenient?

When I am working, my boss tells me when I eat. If it’s busy and I’m hungry, I have a go to sandwich that I know will satisfy my tastebuds, provide sufficient calories and take minimal time to make so I can rest.

Ok, now, onto WIAW hosted by JenArman and Laura.



These scones and an apple. Ice coffee always.



Boxed vegan mac & cheese, salad.



Smoothie with blueberries, raspberries, mango and spinach




Maple banana ice cream with walnuts and coconut bacon. Bowl of greens, a few animal crackers.

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What dictates what you eat?

What is one condiment you add to everything?

White Chocolate Carrot Scones [vegan]

I am most creative when it comes to breakfast. Coming home from a run, makes eating so much more fun and therefore, it is my favorite meal of the day. With the success I had last week concerning my German Chocolate scones, I decided it was simple enough to make them (scones) on a regular basis.


I might be cheating on the waffles I have started to eat regularly, but a recipe that makes only two scones, is easy to eat and prepare but also makes me feel like more of a baker? I think this will have to be a once a week thing.

There is something I love about the concept of only making two scones. You see, I get tired of the exact same thing for breakfast too many times in a row. Waffles, toast, oats you can make into different things based on what you scoop on top or mix inside. If you make a 12 scone batch of something, that’s what you’re eating for days.


Making two ensures that I have one to see if I like them and a second one for lunch that day if it’s amazingly good, and breakfast the next if I don’t want it immediately. And if it’s bad? Well, that’s what coworker’s are for am I right?

These scones combine my favorite guilty pleasure: white chocolate with a sweet dose of veggies in carrot form. I used maple syrup and applesauce as a sweetener and to keep them moist. No glaze on these is needed guys. Just trust me 🙂


White Chocolate and Carrot Scones [vegan]

1 cup chickpea flour

1 T cinnamon

1/4 t baking powder

1/2 T flax meal

1/2 T cornstarch

1/4 cup almond milk

1/3 cup applesauce

1/2 t apple cider vinegar

2 T maple syrup

1/2 cup grated carrots

1/4 cup white chocolate shavings or chips

Preheat your oven to 400 and pray a scone pan or 4×4 casserole baking dish.

In a small bowl, mix together the almond milk, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup and applesauce. In a separate larger bowl, mix together the flour, cinnamon, baking powder, cornstarch and flax meal.

Combine the wet and dry ingredients until incorporated. Stir in carrots and chocolate.

Bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes or until a knife comes out clean.

This recipe makes 2 scones.

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Dark or white chocolate?

Carrot or zucchini bread?