Training [05/29-06/05]

Training this past week has been relatively nonexistent which is in line with my plan to take it easy after the marathon. Total mileage for the week was 26.2, which I did all on one day.

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What have I been doing in this past week? A lot of scenic walks with my trail running backpack, some yoga and mostly nothing. I did get on the bike Friday for a really easy spin, but it was cut short when I got called into work.

I have not been too sore this week other than my calves. Most days when I wake up my calves feel as if I had done a hardcore plyometrics or strength session the day before. I’m not hurting anywhere but there is this general sense of fatigue in my body. That makes sense because it was 26.2 freaking miles…and 6 months of training!

Instead of doing nothing, I have decided to do some yoga which honestly helps me from getting too tight and getting leg cramps. In the last mile of the marathon I actually felt a cramp coming on, but luckily it subsided before I had to worry about it. Since then I have felt a few of those cramps in my quads and calves, but the yoga and mobility stuff helps out tremendously.

What kind of yoga am I doing? YouTube beginner videos. Easy, breathable stuff that I can manage. If I cannot get into a deep stretch, I simply don’t and wait for the next one I can do. The first day I did yoga, I could feel the inside of my thigh being pulled to much, so I stopped. I’m babying myself and it’s working. 

What is next? To be honest, I’m looking forward to just easy running and no planned workouts for now. I want to explore the trails in my area a bit and bring my pack with me so I get used to running with it. Taking it on my walks has been good for that and also to teach me to drink while I’m going.

My future plans for racing are up in the air. XC looks really alluring from my stand point and there are a lot of fast women in my area so we would have a great team. I also want to do more trails like I said, so a fall marathon followed by the Watergap 50k looks good too. Right now I am still enjoying the time of easy breathing and relaxing.

I do have a couple strength goals for this season. Listening to a recent Runner’s Connect podcast with Tina’s strength coach Drew made me see the benefits of learning good form and lifting heavy weights instead of circuit style training. I actually might contact him for some help. My goal right now is to be able to do a pull-up. I can do about 2/3 of my bodyweight right now, so I’ve got a long way to go.

That’s what’s been up this past week. A lot of fun things, just getting outside and moving my body.

What is your favorite way to spend an off-season?

Any good strength YouTube channels to watch?

Any good 50ks or marathons I should check out?

Running Links [06/05/2016]

Good morning everyone!

I’ve had a lot of time to think this week about what’s next. What shape do I want my running journey to take next? How should I structure this summer? I’ll go into further detail tomorrow, but with my first run this morning, I am looking forward to the journey ahead. A lot of easy running, a lot of sun and a lot of sweat. Just the kind of thing I like.

I listened to a podcast this morning with Lauran Fleshman. She spoke about the Magic the lies in being new at something. When you are a beginner, there is so much room to grow in a shorter period of time. For me, knocking seconds off a mile repeat is huge, whereas beginners, they can knock minutes off a mile time in just a few months.

I think that regardless of what I decide to do with my running journey, I want to pick something else that I will be a beginner at. I think I know just the thing…

Running Links

This weeks links are fun, interesting and informative. Enjoy reading and have a wonderful Sunday.
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Friday Favorites and Top 3 [06/04/2016]

I think it’s about time for a [mostly] non-running related post wouldn’t you say? Although I do want my blog to be primarily running and nutrition focused, since I’m not doing too much of that this week, I’m remembering that there are other parts of my life that aren’t running. This morning I’ll be linking up with Kate, Heather, and Mar for some Friday Fun.

Top 3 Highs:

1.) This baby

Post Race Full Body Picture

2.) Taking home a bag of single serve Once Again almond butter packets from the race expo. This makes me smile so much because it was almost too perfect for me. Right place, right time, my favorite food.


3.) Enjoying easy walks, listening to podcasts and enjoying nature. Not breathing hard is kind of nice 🙂

SHR trail 2

Top 3 Foods:

1.) I am working with another company: Philosophie Superfoods and so I’ve been incorporating the powder and coconut butter into meals this week. This breakfast included oats, Green superfood protein powder, banana, dried blueberries, pecans and superfood coconut butter on top. Click their icon at the bottom of my page to use my affiliate link!


2.) That Ben and Jerrys though…

Post-Race Ice cream

3.) My first sandwich in 3 MONTHS!


Top 3 Instagrams:

1.) This dog is me


2.) I love this quote


3.) Seriously…seriously.


Top 3 Links

When The Customer Doesn’t Understand The Meaning Of Closed vi College Humor

What Mornings Are Really Like via Women’s Running

Sixth Sense Protects Drivers, Except While Texting via Science Daily

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Have a great weekend!

What is your favorite podcast?

The Post Marathon Blues?

It has been four days since my first 26.2.

SHR trail

Four days since I’ve run, breathed hard or moved very fast. I really can’t remember the last time I took more than a day off in a row. Running and movement are just part of who I am.

Honestly, I do get thoughts in my head.

What if I lose all my fitness?

What if I stop liking running if I don’t do it?

What if I eat too much?

What am I supposed to do with all this time?

Well, any rational person can see these things are ridiculous, but I still think about them. I want to dispel these thoughts right here and show what I combat them with if they ever come up. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it helps to actually think up the appropriate argument against that demon in your mind.

1. What if I lose fitness?

That is the point. It is not healthy to be at peak marathon shape all year. I could feel in the last couple weeks that I was about to peak. This feeling is exciting but it also rides a very fine line into overreaching. The potential for injury is great and increases with mileage and fitness. If I kept going, I was on the one way path the overtraining and injury. No thanks. This marathon has proved I can train for 6 months and complete a goal. Losing fitness means nothing because I will get it again.

2. What is I stop liking running so much?

I know I will run again. Sure, walking and yoga is great to give my mind and lungs a break, but I miss the euphoria running gives me to. I miss the sweat, the highs, the lows and how it makes me feel. The fact that I am asking these questions means I will go back to running after this break.

3. What if I eat too much?

Again, this is the point! I probably eat the same amount of calories in my meals as I did when I was training. I do not find myself hungry after a huge dinner like I did when training. After dinner during training I would always open the nut butter jar and eat about 3 spoonfuls downed with milk. I do not do that anymore as I am not ravenous, but if I did want something like that, I am satisfying a need, so I eat it. I trained for 6 months. 6 months filled with ravenous hunger somethings and workouts that destroyed me. All of that work? It’s still getting repaired in my system. I still need the same amount of calories. End of story.

4. What am I supposed to do with all this free time?

Luckily, most of us work an 8 or 9 hour day, so that takes time. Other things I do with my time are blog, read, take a walk, take pictures, network, see people I don’t usually see and take time for myself. I nap and sleep for many hours hahaha. I started doing yoga in the mornings from YouTube (because I’m too poor to go to a class and I can choose the length of time) which eases my mind. If you want, think of your relaxation as a necessary part of your next training block. Your putting in the base recovery now so you can go hard later. Quite honestly, this is the hardest one for me because the last year of my life has been running and job, but I’m working on it. I am still an introvert, but I get out and see things which is important even if it’s by myself.

I hope that this helps anyone out there who is struggling with the post race blues. Just remind yourself how hard you worked, how often you went to the pain cave, crushed your workout and then still went to your job. Thinking about that makes me tired and want to kick back.

SHR trail 2

For two other posts about this read Hollie’s Blog and Tina’s Blog!

How do you deal with the days after a race?

Any suggestions four men?

WIAW: Marathon Eating

Thank you once again to everyone who congratulated me on my race this past Sunday. I honestly haven’t stopped smiling since the finish line (well, I grimaced when I realized I hadn’t showered since then either…). If you haven’t read it yet, check out the recap of my First Marathon.

Running, like any form of exercise or daily living requires you to eat. I’m going to be honest, I used to fall prey to the “if the engine is hot enough, anything will burn,” method of eating for the first 4.5 years of my running. I did not pay attention. This marathon training cycle caused me to think a bit more strategically about what I put into the engine. This was especially important to me on the day before and sort of the day of the race.

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I ate what had been working for me during training: bananas, nuts, peanut butter, dates and instead of veggies, I had chips to decrease the fiber.

The day after, I didn’t really think much about nutrition after the race, rather I focused on what would go down and what had a lot of calories.

I’ll start with Saturday and then go to race day filling in the blanks where I forgot to take pictures.


On Saturday morning, I ate Microwave Banana Bread topped with peanut butter and an apple. I also had coffee.


For lunch I ate a peanut butter and raspberry jam and banana burrito and had chips with tomato sauce. I added extra salt packets to the tomato sauce. I also had another coffee.


For dinner, I opted out of joining my friends for dinner at a restaurant and at essentially the same as lunch, sub aloud butter for the PB and chocolate peanut butter for the jelly.


After dinner I had a few peanut butter stuffed dates. I also drank water.

Race day

Before the race I ate two bananas with peanut butter and a few dates. I also drank water.


During the race I drank Gatorade and water.

After the race, I ate oranges and apples and banana chips in the tent and at the is hard for me to eat after races, but I got a bit light headed, so I forced in what I could. Usually juicy fruits can go down. Anything else is hard.

My friend and I left the race about three hours after I finished and got lunch at a co-op. I had a hummus wrap, falafel and berries. I also tried buffalo tofu, and it was AMAZING but started to turn my stomach. Another thing about races for me is that my digestive system is even more spice sensitive. I do want to go back to eat that tofu again!


That afternoon I had a splitting headache so I mostly moved from couch to bed grabbing handfuls of things I could stomach. This included apples, dates, chips and banana chips. I also drank both pop and water.


That evening I tried to get some veggies in so I smacked on more chips and some broccoli.


I had bought my first Ben and Jerrys vegan pint of ice cream that afternoon, so I finished the night with that.

Some notes I have and will keep with me for next time: salting my food was and always has been good for me. I need to find foods like juicy fruits more quickly after the race if that is all I can stomach. I also had no coffee that day, so it that may have contributed to the headache. I drink decaf, but it still has some caffiene in it.

Since the race, coffee has also lost its appeal to me. I just don’t want to drink it anymore. Wonder how long this will last…

Well, there is my race eating recap. I’m linking up with JenArman, and Laura this morning.

Share your race eating stories!