Beating the hackers, No AC and the BEAST! Top 3 [06/24/2016]

Good morning everyone! I cannot believe I forgot to write the introduction to this post! I am linking up with Kate and Heather for some Friday Favorites!

Top 3 Highs:

1.) I got all the money I almost lost in the hacking situation returned to me. My bank was super helpful in guiding me through the process, freezing the money and getting me a new debit card. I wrote so many checks this past week that I am now professional. The people behind me in line at the grocery store were less than impressed, but hey, no debit card means doing things the slow way. Worth it p!

2.) Meeting a new running friend on my Tuesday run. He is a great runner and has a 3:02 PR in the marathon. It’s only a matter of time before he breaks it and I can’t wait to watch him do it!

3.) The beautiful weather is so inspiring! I feel like I have been more creative with food, redecorating me room and trying different running routes. I just want to soak up the energy the sun has provided. It’s wonderful!

Top 3 Lows:

1.) The AC unit at work short circuited on Tuesday and started blowing hot air. Yes, it was an 85 degree day and yes, it felt like a sauna. I kept trying to tell myself that people pay good money for this…matters were made worse by the lack of music also brought by the short circuited wires. Just a bad time.

2.) I still haven’t talked to my sister as of writing this post and her birthday is Saturday. I think I’m going to visit her at work here soon and apologize in person. I feel like even if I don’t mean it, God is telling me it’s the appropriate gesture. Edit: this turned into a high when I visited her on Wednesday at work. I gave her a birthday present and she wasn’t angry with me. I guess apologizing works sometimes.

3.) Filling out the FAFSA is a trip when you’re not at home and don’t have your tax return handy. I’ll have to get back to that.

Top 3 Eats:

1.) The Beast Burger


I finally tried the epic burger I’ve heard so much about. Beyond Meat sent me some vouchers for free product as well as a tee shirt. I hadn’t had the chance to get the product before this week because my co-op was out. Well guys, it was good! Full review coming next week!

2.) Waffle sandwiches


In my quest to eat a different breakfast everyday this week, I made waffles on Tuesday and turned them into sandwiches with banana and Bliss Nut Butter sunflower butter. Topped with maple syrup…just YUM!

3.) Box of bananas


I think this needs no explanation.

Top 3 Instagrams:


I need this on a tee shirt.


Jason Wachob is brilliant.


Pete did a great job with the #RunChat challenge!

That’s all for me today! Have a great weekend!

Giving Up The Gym

I’ve had a gym membership to somewhere for the last 5 years. Honestly, it is a great investment. I highly recommend one if you’re starting to run, workout or need motivation. Why?

1.) It’s easier to start running on a treadmill in a secluded area where you have control of speed, distance and time. You can also plug in headphones or TV and zone out without talking to anyone.

2.) Mine is 24 hours. I can go whenever to get a recovery workout, run or weight session early or late.

3.) Winter sucks. For me, I try to get outside, but sometimes it’s just too cold, icy, rainy or miserable. Especially when I wanted to do a workout. It’s dangerous to run fast on ice. <—that sentence is a public service announcement. You’re welcome.

4.) I met some really nice people whom I talk to outside of the gym and know about their life. Lynda, Sherrie, Frenchy and Jesse, even though you’re all more than forty years older than me, you guys are wonderful!

The reasons I will be giving up my membership probably don’t apply to most of you, but if you are considering either getting a membership or staying with one, here are my reasons I am not:


1.) It is expensive. Not outlandish, but I could be saving $40 more dollars a month. That adds up!

2.) I want to do all my workouts outside. I am not training for a race until July so running easy outside is great and beautiful. The treadmill has been a savior in teaching myself that I can go fast. However, I believe I am past that point in my training and it is holding me back. I need to teach myself to go fast on my own and not just in a race scenario. This is the main reason I will be giving up the membership.

3.) I don’t utilize all the equipment and there are running specific exercises that I either don’t need weights or need minimal equipment like resistance bands or a mat. I was doing weight training, but I’m not sure how much it helped. I am going to focus on runner specific exercises 2x per week and mobility/core drills after each run. My time will be more well spent.

4.) I have a stationary bike now, which is what I would do at the gym on off days. It cost less than a month of membership. Winning!

I plan to take the next few months off from a membership and see how long I can go without one. I plan to train for my next marathon without a membership, but then might get one back next winter. It is dangerous out there you guys and getting a workout in, even if it’s on the treadmill is better than nothing.

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Do you have a gym membership?

What are your tips for me starting without one?

WIAW: Next Week It Begins Again

When I began the off season from training for a specific race, I had all these wonderful plans to make recipes and include ingredients I don’t rely on when training. Everything in moderation of course, but when you expect high performance from your body, it’s honestly the best idea to put in the best fuel.

I didn’t follow a macronutrient or specific diet when training, I simply ate nutritious foods.

However, when I finished, I relaxed those guidelines (…or threw them away) and have been enjoying all the things again. I have not however, been working too hard on the list of recipes and meals I wanted to try during this period.

Well folks, training begins next week so I am down to the wire. I set a goal this week to have a different breakfast each day and finally tried Beast burgers from Beyond Meat.

I also really wanted to make donuts. Specifically Raw Vegan Donuts from The Rawesome Vegan Life.

So I did. The following are my eats from Monday, the day of the donut (or three). I am linking up with Jenn, Arman and Laura for WIAW.


Breakfast: Raw vegan donut topped with almond butter


Lunch: Tofu spedies, tofu khan and garlic greens


Dinner: two raw vegan donuts, one topped with coconut butter and a bowl of greens

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What recipe should I try today?

What is your favorite donut?

Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bread For One

Do you ever go through you cupboards and find something you were so excited to get, used once and then forgot about? That was me and powdered peanut butter.

A few months ago, I walked into my gym and on the desk was a basket of free samples of powdered peanut butter. Not only were the samples an actual 12 ounce size, but it was chocolate powdered peanut butter. Not just the original!

Yippee for this runner! I skipped home and promptly made something with it (it escapes me now) and put it on the shelf. Well, folks, it hasn’t left the shelf since.

Until the other evening when I had a bit of extra time and actually moved a few things in my cupboard and found it again. Again I squealed like a suckling pig and wondered what I could make with it.

A smoothie? Not a fan.

Peanut butter yogurt? Don’t have that.

Chia pudding? Sounds great but I want to eat it now!

Banana bread? For one? Yes!

This recipe is a take on my microwave banana bread that was one of my most popular on my old blog.

It takes a total of three minutes from start to finish and is great for the morning or evening when the cravings hit. It’s also a great way to use up leftover browning bananas.

Here’s the clutch, you can change out the mix-ins and topping if you aren’t a hardcore chocolate peanut butter fan.

But really, who would do that?

Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bread for One

1 large browning banana

1 T oat flour***

1 T coconut flour

1 T oat bran

1 T powdered chocolate peanut butter (or regular powdered PB, if you want it chocolatey then add 1 t cocoa powder)

2-3 T chocolate chips

1/4 c peanut butter (for topping)

Mash the banana till a smooth consistency is achieved. Stir in all the flours until incorporated. Mix in powdered peanut butter and then chocolate chips. Microwave for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Top with peanut butter for a meaty, heavenly experience.

**Any three tablespoons of flour would work, except coconut. dO NOT use three tablespoons of coconut flour!

What is your favorite sweet bread?

What kind should I make next?

Pacing, Planning and New Foods

Good morning people and happy Monday! Today I am linking up with Meg for another review style post. Some running, some food and some life. Head over to her blog for the rest of the link up!


I paced my first half marathon on Saturday. To say it was a rewarding experience would be an understatement. I wanted to volunteer for my old boss Ian’s race, but with my work schedule I was unable to commit. I found out a few days before that I had enough time to help. Immediately I knew being a pacer would be a fun challenge. Fun in that the race atmosphere is really fun and the no pressure situation would be different than what I am used to. Challenging in that I struggle going slow on runs, so pacing a 1:45:00 would require an 8:00ppm commitment. I wanted to try.

I began the race trying to stick with 740-7:50 miles because there is a huge climb after mile 7. I talked a lot to the people around me and learned some fascinating running stories. Ultimately two guys stayed with me the whole time. One hadn’t run in 20 years and the other was running his first 13.1. It was he, Peter, that I connected with the most. He doubted himself and being able to stay with me, especially on the hills. I encouraged and talked him through the tough parts and we made it to the top. He still doubted his abilities on the way down, being 50 years old and having bad knees. I told him we could slow down and still make the cut off. He said no, he wanted to try.

We crossed the finish line in about 1:41:00 (oops…) and he hugged me. He said he would never have been able to do it without my encouragement and positive attitude. He wants to keep running. That my friends, is why I think running is amazing. He will now be fit for life. I almost cried after he said that.


I have a new goal for this week: eat a different breakfast everyday. I have gotten into the banana and something bowl rut and although delicious, I want to change it up. I only have a week or so until I start training again, so I want to make all the recipes now while my running isn’t so serious. I started Sunday with a blueberry bagel topped with coconut butter and sunflower butter. I thought I would have more time to experiment with foods after my marathon was done, but with work being busy, the whole try new recipes is put on the back burner. I’m working on it folks!


Speaking of ramping up training soon, I have some sort of idea of my summer and fall plans. I want to work on getting my half marathon time down this fall and then maybe go for another full next Spring. I enjoyed the full, but I can race more halfs in the same training block and get more results. More results means more things to put on my race resume and attract potential teams or coaches. I have no set races yet, except a half as part of a triathlon team on August 21st. I want to talk to Ian and throw ideas off of him before I commit to anything. I’m looking at Rochester for early September and Empire State for October.

Who are your mentors?

Do you struggle in trying new recipes?