3 Key Concepts in my Marathon Training

Disclaimer: these are my experiences, go to your local running store before you do something that you regret!

I changed a couple things when I went into marathon training. I no longer lifted random weights because I thought I should nor did I just run a set distance everyday. I found myself running more, both slow and fast, lifting less and worrying more about form, core and injury prevention. I am still new to high mileage, so I was worried about getting an overuse injury. This can happen so don’t think you’re the only one. It happened to me last year after the Skunk Cabbage Half marathon and is the reason I didn’t run Buffalo the year before.

3 MT Concepts

The following are three discernible differences between my past training and what I do now. For more great running advice I recommend Sage Cannaday’s YouTube channel VO2 Max Productions. He is a wealth of knowledge for any runner from the 5k to the ultramarathon.

1.) Hip mobility exercises (Myrtl)

Improving my hip range of motion was a change I made to also stay injury free. It loosened me up after a run and kept my legs from stiffening while I work. Leg swings, donkey kicks, hip rotations or fire hydrants are all great to do after a run. Dynamic stretching before a workout is also advised, but I did not do that. Experiment with what works for you and what you can remember.

2.) Bodyweight exercises

2-3 times a week I use very light dumbells (15-20lbs) if available or just my own bodyweight to build up some strength. You are not going to get jacked or a six pack from these, this is simply injury prevention and running mechanic efficiency. If you are stronger or have more endurance, it takes longer for your running form to go down during a race. This is what we want because proper form makes running easier. One example of a 15-20 minute workout I would do is:

3×10 or 15 of each

Bodyweight squats

Bodyweight lunges


Bodyweight dips

3 minutes:



8 minute abs (YouTube this)

3.) Foot Maintenance

I cannot stress this enough. First, get proper shoes that fit your foot. I don’t care if you want to be a 9.5. If you are a 10, wear a ten. That solves 90% of foot problems. After that, get a pumice stone and work on your feet for 2-5 minutes after you get out of the shower. Smooth the rough edges that can catch in you shoes. Get rid of some of the dead skin. Granted, some calluses are good if they do not hurt. Rough feet are fine, it’s the calluses that develop over blisters that suck. Also, if your toenails are bruised, wait for the blood to harden, then cut off the dead parts. The build up is what rubs and hurts.

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Do you complete any work outside of running?

What is one thing I can add?

WIAW [Running, not training]

As I mentioned on Monday, I am running again. I would say training, but it’s loose training. I am doing some speed and tempo stuff, but mostly LSD (long, slow distance). After a bit of rough runs and mental stuff last week, I realized I am ready for the running part of training, but not the other stuff.

I’m not doing too much mobility and strength maintenance.

I’m not in a training diet mode.

I’m just not ready for that yet. All I really am ready for is a few faster runs, some light strength and form work and careless eating. I still eat good food, but I don’t want to end the fun stuff. I don’t want to reign in my processed food or gluten. I simply don’t want to think about stuff like that yet. I will eventually, but right now, I’m happy just where I am.

It was hard to come to that, because I want to be all in when I train. Loosening up a few things regarding training is almost harder than a speed workout! However, in my heart, I know I will be fine and this is good for me.

Without too much rambling, it’s time for WIAW. I’m linking up with Jen, Laura and Arman 🙂


Breakfast: Chocolate Overnight Oats topped with Banana


Snack: Three plums and an apple


Lunch: Cajun Seitan Burrito via Strong Hearts Café <3


Dinner: Chocolate Almond Cookie Dough Banana Ice Cream (unpictured bowl of greens and banana chips)



Tell me your favorite ice cream topping!

Are you a fan of Cajun food?

Feeding My Inner Beast: The Beyond Meat Beast Burger

You know my feelings on fake meats. Usually I leave them. I would just rather have a bowl of rice and beans.

It’s funny because I haven’t eaten meat in almost 5 years (I was vegetarian before vegan) but I always thought I would be able to remember what it tasted like. The other day, I was making someone a turkey sandwich at work and for the life of me, I could not remember what turkey tasted like. I even like, tried to remember.

But nope…nada…zilch.

I can’t remember what the most frequently eaten sandwich for 18 years of my life tasted like.

I even asked my coworker to describe it. And she was like “um…it’s kind of…bland…like I don’t know, there’s not much flavor.”

Hmm…guess I’m not missing anything.

Anywho, back to the Beast burger!

I was really excited to have this, simply because I’ve watched my friend Chris (The Vegan Zombie) explore the Vegan Beer Festival these past few weeks and try all the amazing vegan food. I was living through his YouTube Channel for a few days before realizing that duh, I could make those things too.

What is Beyond Meat? Its a game changer.

beyond meat

The Beyond Meat team believes there are better ways to feed the planet. They believe that plant based, whole food nutrition not only leads to healthier people, but a healthier planet.

Beyond Meat resolves to:

Reduce Animal Harm

Improve Human Health

Positively Impact Climate Change

Address Global Resource Constraints

They want people to still enjoy the flavors and textures from meat products, but do so in a healthier, kinder and more sustainable way. I can totally get behind that!

I just had to try them out. Even if you’re someone like me who can pass meat and give it the stink eye, the novelty and awe factor was just too great to pass up.

What is the Beast Burger? 23 grams of pea protein and veggies.

That is it folks. Just veggies.

What do you get in each package? Two frozen meatless patties that are hard to distinguish from beef.

Honestly, my coworker’s and roommate were impressed with the resemblance.

How do you cook it? 6-8 minutes per side, starting from frozen.

There is no defrosting necessary, which was great for me because I literally had 20 minutes to make this patty before work. I work well in time constraints haha.

And the most important part: How did it taste?

Well folks this is a loaded question. Quite honestly, I thought it was delicious and would eat it again. I was a bit out off by how real it seemed, but my coworker’s and roommate loved that. The burger I made had all the fixings from what I remember from my last hamburger. Mustard, onions, tomato, lettuce, cheese and I added sprouts. I used a Rosemary salt bagel as the bun because I am not a fan of the multigrain rolls we have at work. Go big or or home kids.


It was very reminiscent of my burger days, and after I got over of how much it reminded me of an actual cow, I loved it! It has the mouth feel of a burger, pretty tender texture and holds up to a bagel bun and toppings really well. I was a happy eater 🙂

Just another indicator or delicious: when I want to take a nap after a meal and rub my tummy because it’s happy, that means lunch was good. After the Beast, I wanted to take a nap to relish in the awesome nutritious burger I just consumed. My next post race day meal will have to include this innovative burger!

Bonus: my coworker’s want to try it!

Would I recommend it? Of course!

I think that even if you’re sqimish around fake meats like me, it’s worth a go. It’s just really that good folks! For people who simply “cannot give up the meats,” this is a God send. There is honestly no excuse not to try this.

What has always boggles my mind is why, when there are so many wonderful foods that provide the same satisfaction as meat, people still eat it. The innovations at Beyond Meat are changing that.

Check out their website and sign up for their email list! Most months have a free voucher or coupon so you can try it yourself. Plant based eating is the future. Beyond Meat makes that transition a bit more easy.

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Have you ever tried Beyond Meat?

Want a free voucher? Leave a comment and I’ll pick one reader and send them some coupons!

Feeling bleh and my emotional hunger

Good Monday Morning everyone! My baby sister turned 21 on Saturday, so please send a few prayers or positive vibes wishing her a great year! This morning I am linking up with Meg for week in review.

Time for some deeper stuff.

Can we talk a bit about how unmotivated I feel right now? I got up to run this morning with an “eh” attitude that only got worse. The day before was the same. I would have taken the day off, but I was meeting a running group. We all were feeling just kind of tired. Granted, I shouldn’t be tired because it was the morning after my weekend, but I still was.

This morning the only thing that got me out the door was listening to the Rich Roll podcast. It’s a weekly treat and I was very interested in his guest, the Ice Man. Still, not the best run.

I haven’t done a weekly workout recap in a while, so let’s take a look at my training from last week:


Monday: 13 mile fartlek 

Tuesday: 11ish mile run with Ved

Wednesday: 15ish mile run with Leslie and Natalie

Thursday: 10ish mile run with strides

Friday: 8 miles with Ved and Julie

Saturday: 8.5 miles of death

Not a bad week, but I started to feel blah during the second half of Wednesday’s run. I even asked the women if it felt longer than usual. The route we did had a lot of turns and was on trails, so that might have contributed to it, or it was just me. Anyway, after the beginning of the week, my running has been more of a thing to cross off a list than a joy.

I’ll reevaluate after tomorrow and maybe take the next day off.

Other things on my mind this week:

Cleaning up my diet

I’ve made it no secret that I decrease consumption of certain foods when I am training. I am not ashamed of that nor do I feel I need to defend myself. However in this next build up, I don’t start ramping up speed for another month. This month looks like maintaining high mileage with a few fartleks and pickups each week. Therefore complete reduction of foods is not necessary. I need to give myself a break here. I think that this has weighed on my mind too much this past week and it is hindering my mental game when I approach running. This week I will make a point not to care so much.

That’s kind of an oxymoron, so here is what I mean. If I find myself stressing about the kind of food I am eating, I will do these three steps:

1.) Breathe deeply

2.) Ask myself what I am hungry for

3.) Eat that thing

Number two can mean physical hunger or emotional hunger. When what I consume does not satisfy my emotional needs, other parts of my life suffer. It’s like turning down an invitation for 1AM nachos with friends. Maybe not the highest quality fuel, but the best emotional fuel.


I don’t feel like I am a bad sleeper. I just always have to go to the bathroom, and then I get thirsty. Does anyone else have this problem?


I filled out paperwork for school this August. I’m not sure where it will lead, but the door is open.


That’s about all I have to ramble about this Monday.

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What fills your emotional hunger?

How much sleep do you get?

Running Links [06/26/2016]

Happy Sunday everyone! I am coming off a rough morning in regard to running and eating, which I will post about tomorrow. I’m fine physically. I’m not sick, but I’m mentally drained from overthinking the past week. Today I am prioritizing self care and nourishment. I have to work later, but I need to be around my friends and coworkers. Some days even the most introverted person like myself needs some energy from other people.

Today’s links are appropriate to my life, especially the one by Anna Weber. If you have ever struggled with wondering what path athletics may take for you, it’s an honest read. So many of you are personal trainers or health coaches, so put the article into your context. She hits things on the head.

Running Links

Enjoy the day!
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